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Discussion in 'Jailbreaks and iOS Hacks' started by matthew2926, Oct 22, 2013.

  1. matthew2926 macrumors 6502

    Sep 13, 2013
    I jailbroke my iPad 1 yesterday and found myself restoring back to stock in less than an hour. Everything on the jailbreak worked fine, but I just couldn't find anything to do with a jailbroken iPad. I usually only use free apps, themes don't interest me, and, in terms of tweaks, there isn't really anything that I think is missing from the stock OS. Is there any tweak/cydia package that will make jailbreaking worthwhile for me? I know that this sounds stupid but I really want to soup up my iPad with Cydia, but I really can't find anything that I love. Any suggestions?
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    Try going through the numerous threads on this forum. You'll soon find what can be tweaked and what not.

    Theming is actually the least talked about here.

    Most tweaks work on ipad and iphone alike some are device specific.

    Some tweaks like swipebright, foldericons, YfiSelect etc.
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    Sep 13, 2013
    I know that there are other threads, but I am looking for specific reasons that people jailbreak their iDevices. I am really looking for a list of cydia packages that people use on a daily basis for reasons other than ,"cuz it looks cool."
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  5. takeshi74, Oct 22, 2013
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    Google Voice (Phone & SMS), Manual Correct, Navigate from Maps and a browser chooser are the ones I can recall off the top of my head but I'm sure there were others as well. That said, there are countless prior threads where people list the tweaks that they use so there's no need to reinvent this wheel yet again. Take a look at the prior threads.

    We can't tell you that. Tell us what you want to do and we can suggest suitable tweaks. Otherwise you're just putting the cart before the horse.

    Keep in mind that worth is always highly subjective, regardless of topic.

    If that's the case then JB'ing might not be for you. That's basically the point of JB'ing. It sounds like you just need to use your device and maybe take notes on what you think are deficiencies. If you can't come up with anything then enjoy your device as-is.

    Why? Answer that question and that should open the discussion towards suggestions.
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    Most of us jailbreak because there are certain things we want to do in certain ways that Apple will not allow us to do on a stock iPhone.

    If there aren't any annoyances that bother you on stock then as has been mentioned, jailbreaking may just be a non-issue for you.

    There are things in Cydia that make the iPhone more efficient, that speed up certain tasks (such as animations) and that make things easier to use.

    But Cydia has nothing that's going to take your iPad and convert it into a rocket. We are all still limited by the hardware.
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    Apr 11, 2012
    Swipeselection! Not sure if zephyr works on the iPad but if it does, that tweak rocks. Arguably my most missed tweak on my iPhone along with swipeselection.
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    I jailbreak for the ability to run unsigned apps from sources I trust.

    Snes9X is a huge one for me. I know emulation is "frowned" upon, but I do own the games that I play mobile.
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    At the iPhone hacks section.
    Nice and simple.


    You want to "soup" up your ipad?
    How about researching peoples favorites JB hacks.
    You want to be able to run useful hacks/tweaks or soup it up meaning its going to look cool if other people see it?
  10. RDAR, Oct 22, 2013
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    Oct 23, 2012
    I jailbreak for all the wrong reasons :D
    iAPFree - make free in-app purchases

    Get NFL Game Pass from UK App store download free VPN app to switch my connection to netherlands for example, use UDIDFaker to get unlimited VPN, and I get every NFL game for free in HD streamed to my Apple TV :D

    Get NHLGameCenterLive in the app store, make free in-app purchase in GameCenter using IAPFree, FakeLocation to somewhere say Spain, and get every NHL game in HD for free streamed on my Apple TV :D

    Get NBA Game Time in the app store, make in-app purchase, FakeLocation, and get every NBA game for free streamed to my Apple TV, again all HD :D

    This reason alone is why I am still on iOS 6. I can't go without my sports fix.
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    Feb 7, 2010
    I jailbreak for infinidock and sbsettings, lol that's pretty much it, I'm impressed with some of the guys who truly maximize the potential of jailbroken devices
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