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Nov 1, 2011
I know it's not a major thing, but for me, it's the ability to sync my Safari bookmarks between my MacBook Pro, iPad, and iPhone is really useful. The fact I can add a bookmark to Safari whilst using the MBP, and then a few minutes later have it automatically sync to my other iDevices is brilliant.

Was this a feature of MobileMe?

I also think having contacts sync'd is good and I do have PhotoStream enabled.


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Sep 8, 2010
Yes, this was all a part of MobileMe. About all I am using the iCloud for is syncing bookmarks, contacts and that's about it.

At least it's free compared to MobileMe.

I started using Dropbox to get away from iDisk. I wish I did that a long time ago.


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Jul 11, 2007
Torrance, CA
I use it ALL (migrated to iCloud from MM). Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Bookmarks etc. I recently got my second Mac (Macbook Air) and "Back to My Mac" is great. When I first started using MobileMe I was on Windows and someone said that it is mostly for Mac Users and I replied that I was using it with Windows and my iPhones and it was great compared to what else was available at the time. But now you have Google and Hotmail supporting Active Sync (Exchange) so for me it has become less important when you are using Windows as your primary Desktop with your iOS Devices.
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