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What do you think I should Do??? FedEx rerouted my macbook Pro!


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Aug 1, 2012
So I ordered my macbook Pro retina on July 22, it was shipped out via FedEx standard shipping on July 31. FedEx gave a estimated arrival date by the 6th. Tracking information up to that time showed it would be in my area by then. However came home that evening to only find my package isn't there. Called FedEx and they said it would be delivered the next day Guaranteed! I thought good, who cares if it's only a day. So next morning I check tracking information and find that it is about 1000 miles away from me in Florida!!!!!! :mad: What gets me the most is that it was near my home's local hub the day before. So I call FedEx and they said that they made an error and it would put on the next flight to delivered asap. Okay, I went to work and thought that my package would be delivered tomorrow the 8th, all is good. However what did I find out when I came Home???!!!! The package was no longer in Florida flown back to my state, but now it is in Tennesse!!!!! Another 1000 miles Away!!! Sleep So what do I Do? I call FedEx and they said they made another misrouted mistake however it should be delivered in 4-5 days, and no Problem! :confused::mad::mad:

What should I do Now? They delayed my shipment an entire week, I bought this apple. com Website!

Let me know


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Jul 20, 2009
You would need to call Apple if you need to reroute or make any shipment changes while its in route since they are the ones who shipped it. Not sure if they will make things go faster but only think Apple can do is refund your shipping charges.


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Oct 25, 2011
Palisades, Washington, DC
They made a mistake. Do nothing.

The shipping was probably free.

Curious as to why it would take 4-5 days though.

I get stuff from California in 2 (all the way to DC)


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Jul 17, 2011
They made a mistake. Do nothing.

The shipping was probably free.

Curious as to why it would take 4-5 days though.

I get stuff from California in 2 (all the way to DC)

Yea, exactly. Not a fun situation, and with free shipping, you can't ask for a shipping credit or anything like that.

Just check your MBP out when it gets there, and if all seems well, enjoy it! :)


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Jul 22, 2011
When things don't arrive on time the original shipper is credited the amount back. The company will always offer some sort of compensation to you. Call and ask. :)


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Aug 1, 2009
I would call both Apple and FedEx.

Apple would probably compensate for the trouble, not that they have to because it really isn't their fault.

FedEx should priority overnight [ with weekend delivery if it happens to be a weekend ] the package to you because they screwed up!!


Bryan Bowler

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Sep 27, 2008
OP, the answer is quite simple. Call Apple Customer Service and then call FedEx and speak to a supervisor and politely insist that they rectify the situation by shipping it overnight from where ever it's at.

It's that simple.
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