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Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by fleshman03, Jun 8, 2008.

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    May 27, 2008
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    Hi all! I posted this on another site, but I've started reading this one and thought I'd see what you all think.

    I'm hoping you all can help me make a decision. I've been contemplating the move to a macbook/pro and reading almost everything I can find for a little while now. There was actually a time when I bought a used g3 ibook (late 2002 w/ 10.3) and used it for a semester in college until the motherboard died. I'm in a weird place. I like some of the design features of the current macbooks and some of the pros. I also like the 15 over the 13 inch, but I could get used to it.

    I also want to be sure that I can get the same or better performance that I have now. I'm hoping to keep it for more than year or two.

    Here's what I have now:

    I upgraded the RAM to 3 gigs at 800mhz and put in a 8600 gts. It's my powerhouse. Also, it has a 3.4 ghz P4 hyper threaded processor in there.

    Bought it off the shelf with nothing custom under the hood.

    Now I usually use my computers for video conversion, word processing, mp3 re-encoding, html & other simple coding and other daily computing needs. I have a 360 so gaming isn't a big deal right now.

    So which one would be best for my needs? Would I get similar/better performance?


    BTW- I grew up on macs. Nothing like the apple 2e or the original mac. I took a break while in college, but grad school will bring me back home.

    Oh and I know about the possible redesigns. I'm going to wait till tomorrow or even 1 more week to see what happens.
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    everything changes...but just be aware depending on how revolutionary any change might be...it may not be available immediately
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    Aug 23, 2007
    your links are not working. the mbp will do fine for everything you list.

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