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Nov 7, 2010
Found out Mac version of OneNote does not let you save notebooks locally to machine and forces you to use the OneDrive cloud. I prefer to keep my notes locally. What is the best alternative now in this day and age?


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Jul 16, 2010
ny somewhere
you can actually use apple's Notes app; in Notes preferences, enable 'on my mac' , and, disable notes sync in icloud settings (IF you use icloud).


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Feb 11, 2013
Outline app. Similar to OneNote, and at least for me - way better. You can find the app on the App Store.
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Feb 10, 2008
I really like Notebooks by Alfons Schmid in app store. Saves your notes to your hard drive as individual text files which means you can always access them from any program in the future. I've used the program for years and it has worked flawlessly.


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Jul 2, 2013
Annapolis, MD
I have to say that when OneNote first came out on the Mac I was very excited. Back in the mid-2000's before I switched to Mac I was all over OneNote, it was never closed. When I started using it again, I realized my workflow had changed. I need to get bits and pieces of information in and out quickly. I need to share it right now if I want to, by note or notebook, and to do so quickly. I need to store hundreds of notes that I will probably not look at again... but maybe I will. Evernote is the solution for me now. Not perfect, and sometimes I get tired of it, but I keep coming back to it.


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Nov 28, 2014
Simply use any quality text or markdown editor and come up with a standard file naming and organizational standard for yourself. By using text files for your notes they are not only stored locally (if you choose) but can easily by synced to the cloud if needed or committed to version control such as Git and then checked out on other devices.


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Aug 18, 2012
Kobe, Japan
Used to use evernote but unsubscribed and cancelled my account during the last privacy fiasco.

Now I write everything in markdown in a text editor (visual studio code or vim) then push it to github.


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Jun 29, 2016
I'm always looking for a better notes program too, and have the same local storage requirement, but also need to include text formatting, images, and source control. Best so far is simply Apple's TextEdit, using .rtfd format. It works pretty well with line-based source control.


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Feb 5, 2011
I still use Evernote. Usable on my Windows PC, Mac's, work laptop (Windows), iPad, and iPhone.

I tried OneNote, but I had a heck of a time getting all my Evernote notebooks imported into OneNote. What a fiasco. I gave up eventually, as it was taking too much time, and making a complete mess of all of my docs, as it wanted to create a new notebook in OneNote for every single note I had in Evernote. The amount of OneNote notebooks that MS's import tool was creating was just crazy.
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