What does Apple do with the iMacs before the update--have a sale?

Discussion in 'iMac' started by Frisco, Jun 5, 2017.

  1. Frisco macrumors 68020

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    Will the iMacs before today's update be on sale?
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    Mar 20, 2013
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    Typically Apple does not have a clear out sale of old stock. 3rd parties such as Best Buy or other shops may. My guess would be Apple controls their own inventory so they don't just have millions sitting there in warehouses, and then the few they have left they use for warranty and other repairs. Usually the day of the launch the Apple Stores (at least in my area) already have new display models and their inventory is all new models. You may see a very minimal discount on their refurb store, maybe $50 or $100.

    I actually bought my last MBP the first day they were on sale and while they had display units, I had to wait for the 10am shipment to arrive and be checked in before I could purchase. One person checked boxes as the shipper was unloading and handed them right to the people checking customers out.
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    I believe Apple had an indirect stock clearance sale on their remaining stock in the last 2 months using various eBay sellers who advertised "Refurbs by Apple". I almost bought one of these when the sellers had the top 2015 27 inch config with the i5 3.3GHz processor and 2 TB Fusion drive on sale for $1499. These were still being sold at Apple for $2299 up until the new one got announced. At one point there were about 5 vendors who sold them. Some vendors had upward of 300 units to sell. I had one in my eBay cart ready for checkout but my gut told me to not do it.

    There was a thread here for the $1499 iMacs where new buyers said that the units looked practically new and some raised suspicion that Apple was clearing their remaining stock before they release newer units. But because most people, including myself, thought Apple would wait till Fall to release new iMacs, that idea was shelved by most. The most interesting thing was that the Brooklyn, NY eBay seller that had it at that price sold all his remaining stock a week or so before yesterday's announcement. He had put the iMacs on sale down to $1499 every other week or so. Here's the original listing...


    If you still desire these 2015 units, look for them in eBay and make sure you get the "Refurbish by Apple" ones. Some vendors still have them for $1699 to $1799 as of now.
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    Apple like any big company manages inventory through production. Apple normally likes to keep a 4 week inventory based on previous sales data. So when it knows a new product is on the horizon it slows down or stops production of the soon to be old model and starts ramping up the new one. The old models are effectively sold out by the time the new model is announced -- so not 100% sold but damn close. Maybe a couple thousand cumulatively between stores and warehouses. Leftovers sold to partners at deep discount. Apple also releases resellers from price advertising restrictions for that model. Apple itself does not put them on sale.

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