What does istat CPU1, CPU2 and CPUA stand for??

Discussion in 'Mac mini' started by propower, Nov 13, 2012.

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    The istat menus show CPU1, CPU2 and CPUA for temperature measurement. But what exactly are those three -- like on an i7 quad?

    I found an interesting post by Intel on the 3720QM 2.6 processor and I want to correlate....


    it says...
    1. Re: Intel 3720 qm overheating?

    Adolfo_Intel Jun 12, 2012 9:43 AM (in response to owen)
    The TCase for this processor is 105 degrees Celsius.
    The TCase is a number established by Intel® as a point of reference in order to understand what could be expected as per normal processor temperature.

    Anything from the Tcase and below will be the expected temperature of the processor in normal use, anything that doesn’t stress out the processor (watching movies, burning CDs, browsing the internet, creating documents, etc.) When the processor is stressed out meaning that you are running heavy processor applications that take control of the CPU or uses it at 100% the temperature will go beyond the Tcase. It can perfectly reach 115 to 120 degrees and the processor will still be OK. The cooling fan is in charge to keep that temperature there.

    If the processor temperature reaches 130 degrees or more it will send a signal to the motherboard to shut down to prevent mayor damages and most likely it won’t be possible to turn the computer back in until it cools down.

    The normal processor temperature will depend on the chassis type, the hardware involved and the location of the computer, and it usually is lower than the Tcase.

    So the temperatures that you are reporting are OK, also I see that you are reading the cores temperature, you actually need to check the CPU temperature, and not the cores temperature.
    In order to do so, please check with the laptop manufacturer to see if they have thermal monitoring software that can monitor the CPU temperature instead of the cores temperature.
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    I'm not sure how accurate these readings are yet. These Minis just came out and I guess these temp reading softwares need an update.

    CPU1 and CPU2? Well, hard to tell, because as far as I know these CPUs have 4 actual cores which can run 2 threads each, with a total of 8. So CPU1, CPU2, CPU3 and CPU4 would make more sense to me.

    Maybe there are 2 cores encapsulated in one space and 2 more in another. Then that'd be CPU1 and CPU2.

    As for CPUA… I don't know tbh… Maybe the whole CPU encapsulation surface? (Where the heatsink is placed that is)

    Wanna add that I've been looking a lot to them lately and I'd say they look pretty legit.
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    Boot windows (If you have)

    Install hwinfo64 or 32 if you have windows 32 bit.
    install hwmonitor 64 bit or 32 bit.

    Post screenshots of both under load and idle.
    (Use intelburntest for load. Max memory)

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