What does this mean? Volume Header needs repair?

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by wako, Feb 25, 2007.

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    What does that mean? In disk utility it says I need to repair it. However after I click "Verify Disk" and it spits out their information, it doesnt let me repair the disk still. So, how do i repair the Volume? What is the volume? This isnt a hardware failure is it? :(
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    You probably have to boot from the CD and then repair the disk from there
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    I had this situation earlier tonight actually. You cannot repair the boot volume. Boot up your computer from another volume, whether CD-boot with the restore disc or fw-boot from another mac, and then run Disk Utility.
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    "Volume" is the hard drive, or the section of it where the OS is stored. Headers are kinda like the mileage markers on the highways, they indicate approximate locations on the HD where certain bits of data are stored.

    But as the others have said, you have to repair this issue while booted from another volume/HD or CD/DVD. If by chance DU can NOT repair it, then you will need to buy DiskWarrior from Alsoft. It is THE premier #1 repair utility. And you dont really need to buy version 4 unless you have an intel-based Mac, version 3.x.x works just great on PPC macs, and is way cheaper too :p
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    same thing

    Hey I got the same error. I have a firewire drive with leopard installed I tried to fix it but it stilled show uo in tiger. How do you boot from CD? and which disk do you use 1 or 2?

    thank you

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