what does this review mean by booting (nano)?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by orijinal, Sep 10, 2005.

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    Jun 6, 2005
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    It is possible, with the full size iPod at least, to connect it to the computer with Firewire and use it as a disk drive only (the computer doesn't really treat it as if it's an iPod). This is called target disk mode. If you install OS X on the iPod and reboot the computer with the iPod in target disk mode, you can use it as a master or boot drive (AFAIK, Macs can boot off FW devices but not USB devices, at present).

    This allows you, for instance, to carry around a copy of OS X and your files, so that every computer you boot off of it would look almost the same (which may not be a good idea because of driver issues on different hardware, and also because the iPod sized drives have a much shorter lifetime than 2.5" drives) and it can also allow you to use another version of OS X than the main one you run by installing it to your iPod and booting from it when the mood takes you. :)

    Does that help?

    EDIT: I was not aware that iPod Minis could not be used for this purpose... but I don't own one and have never done this anyway....

    EDIT2: Here is a guide to the process, if you are curious. :)
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    hmm that's interesting. i don't think i would ever do that though.

    i would use it in target disk mode though, because i sometimes use my ipod mini like a jump drive.

    thanks for clarifying.
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    you can use your ipod as a "jump drive" without target disk mode. in the ipod preferences of the itunes preferences, you can enable your ipod to be used as a hard drive. then it will show up on your desktop like any other firewire hard drive.

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