What does upgrading to SSD do for Macbook Pro 13" Mid 2012

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by kkasaye, Jun 15, 2012.

  1. kkasaye macrumors newbie

    Jun 12, 2012
    Hey I was thinking of buying the most recent Macbook Pro 13" and was wondering what difference does it make to the computer if I upgrade to SSD? Would it be significantly faster or is paying the extra 180 a waste of money?
  2. jmthigpen macrumors regular

    Apr 18, 2011
    Charleston, SC
    anything that involves loading, would be significantly faster.

    If it were me, and I didn't need a lot of space, I would get the SSD.

    If you don't need the ethernet, superdrive, or processing power, get a MBA.
  3. kkasaye thread starter macrumors newbie

    Jun 12, 2012
    alright thanks a lot, now do you think it would be better getting the 2.9 ghZ 13" with upgraded SSD to 256gb for a total of 1,789.00, or going for the rMBP for 250 more ? is the extra screen space, more cores and better display worth the 250 ?
  4. Geo411m macrumors regular

    Apr 3, 2010
    With my Macbook pro it was a lot faster. My computer boots to a desktop in under 8 seconds and everything loads nearly instant.
  5. Rizzm macrumors 6502a

    Feb 5, 2012
    The screen is pretty nice, but not the feature I'm looking at. IMO the larger screen real estate, 4 cores, and GPU make it worth it to jump up to a 15" MBP. I'm still on the fence about the retina model though.
  6. pgiguere1 macrumors 68020


    May 28, 2009
    Montreal, Canada
    I think you should buy an SSD separately on Newegg or such and install it yourself.

  7. iainzx macrumors newbie

    Apr 15, 2009
    Just replace my HD with a crucial 512GB SSD yesterday in my 2010 i7 17" MBP and its just made it a lot faster and 'smoother' - photoshop elements loads in 4 seconds which is massively quick compared to the HD. The hardest bit (because i'd newer used terminal before) was enabling the trim command, which having had a read around appears to be a good idea even if the drive has its own garbage collection built in, however if you buy from apple you don't need to do this as tho OS recognises apple drives
    in short money well spent

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