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Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by TxRN, May 11, 2015.

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    Go to get my oil changed and the guy says, "I that one of those Samsung, cellphone watches?" Before I can reply he says, "A few people I know got them and said it wasn't worth it so they returned theirs." I finally said that mine is an Apple watch and is used with an iPhone. He then goes on to say, "Yeah, I was going to get one, but after people started complaining, I don't know."

    My response: blank stare. "Here's my key."
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    Some of you guys seem really socially awkward. I've seen a similar question on here. What do you say? How about the truth?

    If someone asked me about mine I just say, "Yeah, they aren't for everyone. Most people don't need a smart watch." I don't sugarcoat it or try to defend my decision.

    I just tell them the truth. It's not for everyone, and that's fine. I say it all with a smile on my face. Actually it's the first thing I say to anyone who asked me about it. I'm basically telling them not to buy it, not yet, because right now it isn't worth it for the average iPhone users.

    Not sure why that offends some users. State why it works for you, and why it doesn't for most people. I welcome the conversation because I love to inform people on the pros and cons of certain gadgets. I do the same with my new MacBook Air.
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    Not sure that's fair -- perhaps conveying a live dialog over a forum is the awkward part.

    Anyway, it's just like the iPhone.. let the people get used to it and it won't be a big deal. I really don't want people asking me about it, honestly. I find it kind of unavoidable while using Apple Pay... but it's too convenient not to use!

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    and this garage only ever works on one type of car I assume? since he clearly follows the opinions of others.

    each to their own...I read reviews etc, but I always make up my own mind about stuff
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    This situation had nothing to do with being socially awkward. The guy didn't even know what type of device it was, yet he stated he "heard about it" and was thinking about getting one. If he knew half of what he was talking about- what device it was, then it would have been worth me entertaining the conversation and discussing my views of the device. Considering that he thought it was a Samsung/cellphone and even after I informed him that it was an AW, he continued to talk about how he considered getting one let me know that the conversation wasn't worth my time.

    That was the point of my question. Who would've taken the time to explain the differences between the two devices or would've just proceeded to get their oil changed?
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    It is kindof rude to confront someone you don't know and basically say, "that thing you bought was a waste of money." If you feel like debating the point go for it, but I think the OP's awkward silence is perfectly appropriate.
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    This. Rude people don't need a response.

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