Other What email provider do you use on iPhone?

What email provider do you use on iPhone?

  • iCloud

    Votes: 43 38.4%
  • Gmail

    Votes: 65 58.0%
  • Outlook.com

    Votes: 32 28.6%
  • Yahoo!

    Votes: 13 11.6%
  • Fastmail

    Votes: 8 7.1%
  • other

    Votes: 18 16.1%

  • Total voters

now i see it

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Jan 2, 2002
personal custom email address with my own domain on my web server. For a second backup email address I use proton mail but it doesn't integrate into iOS mail. Requires its own app


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May 24, 2018
Outlook.com. No Google for me. Outlook.com is Exchange back end and is very robust and works great across ios and windows platforms.
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Sep 25, 2009
Orlando, FL
I kid you not, I’m still rocking the same AOL address I’ve had since I was 17. It’s my primary email address and I use it for just about everything. Every time I’m asked for my email and I tell them what it is, people just look at me crazy.

I also have an @me address but almost never use it.
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Feb 11, 2002
I still use my first and best email account - AOL.
I’ve had personal and business addresses, never failed me since I first signed up in 1993.
I have Google and Yahoo but never use them.
Have an iCloud account I occasionally will use.
I only need personal nowadays.
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Jan 26, 2014
Horsens, Denmark
... @post.au.dk (that's a uni email)

Basically I had a username and I took it at as many servers as possible. When people ask what my email is I can just say my username, and they'll fill in the server address and get it right almost no matter what. @me is what I mostly use, @gmail is mostly my spam can


Jan 1, 2011
L.A. (Lower Alabama)
I use most of them. Outlook for school and school, Gmail cause Google, me.com cause Apple, and Fastmail cause they've been hosting my personal domain forever without a single glitch in almost 20 years.


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Jan 26, 2014
Horsens, Denmark

I still love the looks I get when I tell them that at an Apple Store. They say “you have been around a while”. Lol
I wish I had an @Mac... I was too late for that one and only got the @me MobileMe thing. But even now I've had people say that the @me thing makes me an old-schooler, now that new accounts only get the @icloud.
But at least I got PPC Macs and several Apple T-shirts in the closet, so I guess that still counts for some iNerd credit. Or in these modern times Apple Nerd+ I suppose.


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Aug 1, 2008
My primary accounts are on iCloud: I still have @mac.com and @me.com, I also have 5 aliases that I use for various things.
Then, for my secondary email I use ProtonMail.

Back when it was .Mac we couldn't use those email addresses for Apple ID/iTunes accounts so I used my Gmail account for that. Then I switched from Gmail to ProtonMail as I am trying to move away from using Google products.


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May 16, 2015
Outlook. Office 365, Gmail, and iCloud. I use multiple accounts and pick one I feel fit for each occasion, and to spread out spam emails or junk mails a bit. Office 365 is for a lot of things though, as it is an enterprise level mailbox and I pay $12.50/mo for also office apps and some other services.

One cool thing about office 365 or outlook is the rules work great. Apple Mail on Mac does not support any rules well, and tend to miss sometimes. I use the rules to move emails from specific senders to a unique folder so that inbox is a lot less cluttered.


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Jun 14, 2012
I'm another long time Fastmail user. I've never come across anyone else who provides as many features. Super reliable too.
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Aug 18, 2017
Perth, Western Australia
Mac which has only been used for Apple stuff. Could make this my main, glad I was able to use firstname.initials.
Gmail which is my main, wanting to change the name and signed up to one too many things.
Live burner email.

Have an Outlook account I might migrate to.

Edit: added my Outlook account with exchange setting, didn't realise the free accounts came with this. Now I have motivation to switch over. I was a little bummed when Gmail pulled free exchange support.
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