What ever happened to the Starbucks "pop up" app?

Discussion in 'iOS Apps' started by 1080p, Oct 25, 2010.

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    Way back in 2007... when Apple first introduced the iPod Touch, the iTunes 'Wi-Fi Music Store" app...

    They also announced a partnership with Starbucks so that when you connected to Starbucks Wifi, a Starbucks icon will pop up on your phone and it would tell you about the music currently playing in the store and allow you to buy the tracks.

    It was supposed to roll out little by little and supposed to be available nationally by 2009. Did it ever happen? I have never had that pop up on any of my iPhones (all 4 gens).
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    That feature still works, but it was never implemented in all Starbucks. I live in Modesto, Ca and to my knowledge their are no Starbucks here that take advantage of that feature, but I travel very often to and around the entire bay area, and I've come across a few that do.

    Its a nice feature.

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