What exactly *does* get backed up in the free storage

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    As I just read this quote "Your purchased music, apps, and books, as well as your Photo Stream, don’t count against your free storage."

    Which confused me.
    My phone tried to back up but told me there was not enough storage. I checked and it's my 6gb of photos. So I thought I'd pay extra for the first tier of storage, I like the idea of all my photos syncing down to my computers automatically, because I'm a lazy git and I always forget to sync them.

    If photostream doesn't count against my 5gb why wouldn't it upload? Or have I just quoted from an idiot?
  2. Scartissue macrumors member

    Dec 23, 2004
    I've backed up my iPad and my iPhone.
    iPad back up is app data, which is camera roll (bizarrely, since there are only downloaded photos on here), some garageband data (songs in progress), and a lot of downloaded comic book files inside of an app.
    iPhone back up is my camera roll as well.
    I think 'Photo Stream' refers to photos taken since you updated to iOS5. Anything from before that is in your camera roll and seems to be backed up not as a free (space-wise) photo.
    On my iPad downloaded photos from iPhoto are free to back up. So I guess I'm being gently encouraged to clear my camera roll when I sync and keep them in albums instead.
    So is a larger size iCloud only for people with lots of app data?

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