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Discussion in 'iPad' started by sjleworthy, Sep 19, 2015.

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    i think in today's age we're becoming quite blasé and de-sensitised to tech. big time.

    I've heard pretty disparaging and negative comments, tech wise, about all Apple's latest devices and lists of hopes and dreams that never are. This is fine of course, we all have our own opinions, but in reality Apple (and Samsung and whoever) really have made huge advances, whether we agree or not or like them or not.

    Trouble is, as mentioned, as a society these days i think it takes a lot to individually impress us.

    So, what is the future, or near future at least, of phone and tablet upgrades in particular. Not where we individually want to see them do or what our own individual wants are, but what do you think is viable and probable? what is really on the near horizon that'll completely wow us again, like when the original iPhone/iPad came about, which we laugh at now of course?

    I fear not much. A plateau has been reached for the time being maybe. iPad Pro is a great achievement, but will only suit some people. it's basically a fast big ipad. Will Pro 2, 3 4 or 5 being exciting to us other than speed increases? What about the iphone? will iphone 7 be revolutionary, will it bowl us over? can hardware and software continue to wow us (like in pioneering days) and not just satisfy some of the people some of the time?

    I mean, where will we be in 10 short years from now? hopefully the next 'big' step in tech will be common place, meaning things like ipads and iphones will, as we know them today, be things of the ancient past. who knows?

    Just curious to know your realistic thoughts. not a list of personal wants, which are pretty meaningless and most subjective, but where we might see our beloved tech soon arrive at.

    Software and hardware will always improve of course, but what of the achievable innovations and ideas? i know that next year and the near years after we'll be less and less amazed and wowed. until when? do we just settle with nominal software/hardware improvements year on year as it stands?

    The original ipod, iphone, ipad and Pro are firsts. What next?
    when are we all going to be amazed and excited year after year again?

    personally, the ipad Pro is making me super excited. like a kid waiting for Christmas. but it's only a 1 off.
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    I think ios and osx will eventually merge. But windows 8 has kinda proven that it can't just be fully fledged OS on a tablet as the interface sucks.

    Force touch should be a good first step as it allows a right click.

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