What generation was your first Mac Mini?

Discussion in 'Mac mini' started by Micky Do, Oct 17, 2014.


What was your first Mac Mini?

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  1. Early 2005, the G4 original

    22 vote(s)
  2. Mid 2005

    1 vote(s)
  3. Late 2005

    5 vote(s)
  4. Early 2006, the change to Intel Core

    5 vote(s)
  5. Late 2006

    4 vote(s)
  6. Mid 2007, the change to Core Duo

    9 vote(s)
  7. Early 2009

    18 vote(s)
  8. Late 2009

    12 vote(s)
  9. Mid 2010 - the redesign

    7 vote(s)
  10. Mid 2011 - the change to Core i5 & i7

    15 vote(s)
  11. Late 2012

    33 vote(s)
  12. Late 2014

    5 vote(s)
  1. Micky Do, Oct 17, 2014
    Last edited: Oct 17, 2014

    Micky Do macrumors 68000

    Micky Do

    Aug 31, 2012
    An island in the Andaman Sea.
    Mine was the 1st generation, the original G4, introduced in January 2005.

    It was also the first computer I owned. I got it about June that year, so I could do more work at home rather than having to use the computers in the office on campus. With no phone line, it was a couple of years before I got connected to the internet, using "mobile broadband".

    My second Mac Mini was the 7th generation early 2009 model.

    With an additional 4 GB of RAM (now 5 GB), it still works fine for me. With a further upgrade to Yosemite, along with an SSD and 8 GB of RAM, I reckon it should be good for a good while more.
  2. fathergll macrumors 65816

    Sep 3, 2014
    Mid 2007. Which reminds me it's collecting dust and I need to sell it.
  3. flyinmac macrumors 68040


    Sep 2, 2006
    United States
    Very first G4.. Still have it. See signature...

    Not my daily main machine anymore, but it's got a good reliable purpose and is still useful in my home.
  4. janitor3 macrumors regular

    Aug 11, 2010
    Glasgow, Scotland
    My first Mini was a Mid 2010 model, is was also my first time owning a mac product. :)
    I still have it, and have just updated it to 8GB Ram and 1TB HD.
    Runs great for what I require so no plans to replace it.
  5. voyager03 macrumors member

    Feb 25, 2010
    Somerset, UK
    My first Mac mini was a late 2009 2.53, 4Gb.

    I'm still using it. I've changed the drive for a bigger one but it's still fine for what I need.
  6. edenbensal macrumors regular

    Oct 8, 2012
    My first mac computer is mac mini 2012 after years of using windows.
    I absolutely love it! and of course the OS is just amazing!
  7. NinjaDuck macrumors member


    Sep 15, 2013
    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    Mine was the first mini. 1.42Ghz PPC with 512mb of ram.

    Just sold it last month.
    Ahh, i miss it already. Great little computer!
  8. Dont Hurt Me macrumors 603

    Dont Hurt Me

    Dec 21, 2002
    Yahooville S.C.
    1st Mini was the original and it still works, use it for running classic apps on rare occasions though I would like to upgrade the 10.3.9 to 10.4 one of these days. I still think mid late 2011 was the golden year for the Mini ! A real graphics chip and not the integrated handicap crap apple has been doing and real upgradeable memory! The mid 2011 is a great machine in my view. If you can find one get it!
  9. Micky Do thread starter macrumors 68000

    Micky Do

    Aug 31, 2012
    An island in the Andaman Sea.
    A day an a half, and 31 responses.

    Interestingly the greatest percentage (just over 19) at this early stage are those whose first Mac Mini was the original 2005 generation. The next highest percentage (just offer 16) are those whose first Mini was the late 2012 generation.

    And already there is one respondent whose first Mini will be the just released late 2014 generation. I guess it has been ordered; how long until delivery?
  10. Blackstick macrumors 6502


    Aug 11, 2014
    Sunny South Florida
    Had a first generation which replaced my Dell PC as my home computer (also had a 12" PowerBook G4 at that time).

    Bought my mom a Mid 2007 Mini which she used til we got her a 2011 refurb iMac.

    Replaced my G4 Mini with a Late 2009 Mini for my TV-- which later became an AppleTV as I had a 27" iMac on my desk by then.

    What started as a little green iBook became 7 different Macs in a decade, each one faster and more incredible than the one before it. I'd love to know today what mac will be on my desk in 2024!
  11. thejadedmonkey macrumors 604


    May 28, 2005
    1st Gen.

    I've since upgraded to a MBP, MBA, and then downgraded to a MacBook.
  12. OllyW Moderator


    Staff Member

    Oct 11, 2005
    The Black Country, England
    Mine was a late 2006 which I think makes it a 4th Generation. I passed it on to my brother and it's still running.
  13. OLDCODGER macrumors 6502a

    Jul 27, 2011
    Lucky Country
    Still using my early 2009 BTO - 2.26, 4GB, 120GB. And, because of Snow Leopard, I hope it lasts for many more years.
  14. 808? macrumors 6502a

    Aug 4, 2011
    Hong Kong
    I still have an original G4 which still serves me faithfully as a download slave :D

    Also have a 2010 and 2012 in daily use.
  15. cfedu macrumors 65816


    Mar 8, 2009
    I have had an early 2009 2.0Ghz, late 2009 2.26 Ghz, late 2009 2,56 Ghz server, 2010 2.4 Ghz, 2010 2.66Ghz sever and my final mac mini will be my 2012 2.3 Ghz quad core. I had more than one at timesof these.

    I use to find good deals these and upgrade them. I would use them for a while and then sell them for a profit. I would do this so that I would always have the latest Mac with valid warranty at no cost to me.
  16. ElectronGuru macrumors 65816

    Sep 5, 2013
    Oregon, USA
    Technically my first was a G4 but I got it to replace the dell for the inlaws. Their first mac, they eventually replaced it with an iMac. My first own mini was an htpc 2010. It quickly got a 8Gb and more recently a 960 SSD and blueray treatment. Around the same time, I needed a very part time workstation and picked up a core solo. Swapped in a c2d and used SSD.
  17. millerj123 macrumors 65816

    Mar 6, 2008
    Mine was the Core 2 Duo. Gateway drug for sure.
  18. 1madman1 macrumors regular

    Oct 23, 2013
    Richmond, BC, Canada
    Mine was a base model G4 launch unit in 2005. Replaced with a early 2006 launch unit. I upgraded this one as far as it would go and only recently just sold off.

    Bought a unibody in 2010, which I gave to my parents a year later. It was replaced with a 2011, which I sold off in 2013 just before I expected a new model.

    Doesn't look like I'll ever be getting another mini if the recent update is any indication of future trends.
  19. scottsjack macrumors 68000

    Aug 25, 2010
    Mine was an early 20009 2.26 C2D BTO with 4GB RAM and several hard drives ending in a WD Scorpio Black 750GB 7200 RPM drive.

    I replaced it with a late 2009 refurb 2.66 C2D, eventually 8GB RAM and the same WD 750GB drive.

    After keeping it way too long I replaced that one with a 2012 2.3 i7 model running 16GB RAM. It uses a Crucial M500 960GB SSD for OSX and the OEM 1TB HD or Windows.

    My 2012 2.6 should be here in a few days. It will be my Mac, the 2.3 will become a Windows-only rig, both booting from 960GB M500 SSDs.

    So much for waiting for the new, improved one!
  20. JackieInCo Suspended

    Jul 18, 2013
  21. mmomega macrumors demi-god


    Dec 30, 2009
    DFW, TX
    I didn't pick up a Mini until the late 2009 model, then 10 days later the 2010 redesign came out and I was able to take my 2009 model back in to the Apple store, pay the difference and then went home with the 2010.

    For those that don't remember the Mini was $499 until the 2010 redesign which raised the price to $599.
  22. yegon macrumors 68030

    Oct 20, 2007
    Early '09. Worked a charm as an iTunes server/torrent beast/occasional desktop comp till I bought a late 2012 at launch, quad core, 16gb RAM (after market) w/ 512gb SSD. The 2012 purchase is increasingly looking like a very, VERY good buy in light of the latest Mini's, and I've used it a lot more for crunchy stuff than my previous one. Assuming it doesn't die on me, my 2012 and TB display will last me a good few more years yet, accompanied by my late '13 rMBP.

    By the looks of things, likely be my last Mac Mini which makes me a little sad, prob replace it with a version 3 or 4 retina iMac in 2017 or so.

    Hard to put my finger on why, but I've got a real affection for the Mac Mini, more so than any of my many, far more powerful, Windows based desktops that I've had, which are solely used for gaming.
  23. MagicBoy macrumors 68040


    May 28, 2006
    Manchester, UK
    Early '09 base model, bought the day it came out. Still going strong as an HTPC, now with lots of RAM and an SSD after the original HDD failed earlier in the year. See Apple - people upgrade and repair Mac minis. So quit using tamper proof screws.

    I'd been needing a desktop Mac for a while, but refused to buy anything with the useless GMA950 integrated graphics.
  24. MacTCE macrumors 6502


    Dec 20, 2013
    Upstate NY
    Early 2005 for me. It's wasn't my first Mac, but I did fall in love in the form factor quickly. I just picked up my fourth Mini this weekend.
  25. Micky Do thread starter macrumors 68000

    Micky Do

    Aug 31, 2012
    An island in the Andaman Sea.
    3 days, 72 respondents, and a pattern seems to emerging, with peaks being Early 2005, Early 2009, and 2012.

    Interesting to see so many going for the Mini from the beginning. It must have tapped into what folks wanted.

    Apple promoted the 2005 Mini as an entry into the Mac environment for people moving over from Windows, who already had the required peripherals. That was not the case for me…. It was my first computer. All up, with all the peripherals, it set me back not much short of the cost of a lower level iMac at the time.

    The size is what attracted me. I didn't want a portable, a laptop with a poky little screen. I did want something that could be easily transported occasionally, sans peripherals, and hooked up what was available at my destination.

    The early Minis were compromised, well behind iMacs in specs and performance.

    The early 2009 Mini had specs and performance the suggested that it was no longer just an entry into the Mac environment. It had become a viable option for folks who wanted a Mac, but didn't like, or want an all in one computer, for whatever reason.

    With the 2012 being around for nearly two years, it is not surprising that it has been the first mini for so many.

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