What Happened to Apple's Apple Care Service

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    LD Curb

    Apr 19, 2015
    This is going to be a long post! Sorry!!

    I have been an Apple customer for a long time and have had lots of contact with Apple Care over the years. I have always found the employees to be really helpful, intelligent people. In the last couple weeks, the service has been just terrible ... not at all what I expect from Apple.. or really any other company.

    For example, I called to inquire about a refund on a $50 in app purchase that turned out to be totally bogus. I just wanted to see if they would refund my purchase. The woman I spoke with had an "attitude" and said only the app can refund money, not Apple. Of course this is totally incorrect. I insisted and read her the email I got from the app about this and she finally connected me with someone who refunded my money. But the fact that a rep wouldn't know something as basic as app refunds is just not up to par for Apple.

    And then I called to ask about a gift card refund I have. The woman took my Apple I.D. email address and transferred me to someone else. That person said she couldn't find me in their system and kept trying to find me and then asked... "so your email address is T-R-Y-A-D Road Runner. Um, no... It is T-R-I-A-D. I would think basic spelling ability would be a qualification to work in an Apple Call Center. This woman put me on hold. She confirmed my call back number "in case we get disconnected." After 30 minutes on hold the call was disconnected but no one called me back.

    And then I downloaded 2.0 for my watch but the Apple logo stayed on the screen and my phone was still showing 1.1. So I called Apple Care. The computer that answered thanked me for using Voice Pass and connected me to someone. She didn't have any of my info that should have come up with Voice Pass. I told her my problem and she asked for the serial number of my watch. I asked her where to find it and she said on the watch. The font on the back of the watch is so small that I couldn't read it and I know that this info is on their site and I asked how to get to it. She had not a clue and put me on hold. I finally hung up. I called again and got a guy who was equally clueless. By that time my watch had gotten itself set, thank goodness.

    All of this was within the last two weeks. It makes me think they opened a new call center and did not train the workers. Has anyone else experienced clueless reps recently?
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    May 28, 2011
    I've definitely had a number of bad experiences with Apple employees in the last year, either in store or on the phone with a call centre. I do feel like Apple has changed significantly with the level of customer service they provide. Employees are rude, unprofessional and unaware of products and services offered. I still love Apple hardware and always have a good experience when dealing with an apple genius. I try my best to limit my visits to Apple stores and just buy stuff online or from Best Buy or staples.
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    May 16, 2013
    Kansas, USA
    I've never had much luck calling AppleCare. They usually just try to schedule me an appointment in store. Genius Bar appointments have been mixed over the last few years, but they're more often good than bad. They just put a new battery in my iPhone 5 despite not having AC+ anymore and not technically qualifying for the battery program, so I'm happy with them for the moment.
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    LD Curb

    Apr 19, 2015
    I have just now come to the realization that Apple Care via phone is useless now .... just not like it used to be ... and if I have any issues I will just have to drive to the Apple Store to get it resolved. They have lowered the standards for their call center, apparently, and I know as much or more than their reps do .. and that isn't saying much!!
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    Jun 28, 2015
    Western Hemisphere
    Yes it's simply a reflection Apple cost cutting. No company stays on top forever, now with many projects and high volume sales, Apple can't be expected to maintain the high standards of the past.

    Plus they've learned their customers are especially forgiving and tolerant, no need for Apple to do anything more.
  6. aajeevlin macrumors 6502a

    Mar 25, 2010
    I won't say forgiving and tolerant. I would say on average they are still acceptable as compared to the other companies. And their overall integration is still pretty well done. However, other companies are catching up slowly. For example, one of the main function that's really keeping me with the Apple family is iMessage (I hate typing on my phone), but with whatsapp available on web browser that has removed one big issue for me.

    But I will agree that even several years ago I had spoken to a colleague about this very issues. There are less hardcore apple fan working at the apple store, most of them are there just for the money.

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