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Mr. Zarniwoop

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Jun 9, 2005
Agree, in Manhattan.

My 7 Plus keeps going crazy on AT&T calls where the caller cannot hear me at a random point during a call.

I swapped 7 Plus phones. Now running 10.0.3. No difference.
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Jun 19, 2010
I'm originally from Long Island and my entire family is still there. Out in Suffolk County, my mother gets piss poor service. Brand new iPhone 7 Plus on AT&T. I cannot have a 15 minute phone call with her without the call either dropping out or cutting in and out. It's so frustrating.

And here in Central Florida it's the same way. I used to be able to go up and down I-95 without having service issues and now? I can't go 20 miles without dropping calls 2 or 3 times.

We've been with AT&T for 10 years and I've lived here that entire time. So I'm quite familiar with how great AT&T service has always been. But it seems in the last 12-18 months the quality of service has gone down substantially. At least where I am and on Long Island.


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Nov 12, 2014
Lakewood, CO
While I live in Colorado, our son lives in Brooklyn, so we go up to visit a lot. I've never found AT&T service to be very good in NYC, NY, Vermont, NH, NJ, and Connecticut. I've worn out the "Mark the Spot" app used to tell AT&T about crappy service...not sure it's doing any, it's still crappy.

For instance, we went to the Vermont County Store, which is in a small town in southern Vermont. My iPhone 6s Plus had No Service, but other people with Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint had no issues with either phone or data.

I hope AT&T decides to do a better job on coverage, or, I'm going to switch to Verizon.
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Sep 11, 2014
I used to be with AT&T. Made the smart choice and switched to T-Mobile unlimited everything my service is way better all over NYC with TMO than it ever was with AT&T
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