What happened to geeking out to our purchases?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by ob81, Sep 23, 2014.

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    These forums were once upon a time my prime place for geeking out about new Apple purchases. Intel switch over, parallels, hackintosh, and every other milestone in the Mac world. Considering Apple has been playing the role of the "cult" for quite some time, the forums were the only place to chat it up with other users.

    With one of the most exciting launches in Apple History just hitting the streets, I found myself caught in a weird dilemma. Out and about, I have android users that for some reason have to defend android by any means necessary. When did this become a war? I got an iPhone because I like it, and apparently I am bundled up with some other crazy stuff I wasn't aware of.

    On the other side, in the forums, we have users that feel a strange urge to justify their purchases by downing someone else for choosing a different size model. I guess small underwear wearing guys think I'm an idiot for wearing large underwear. That's my size. If the iPhone 6 fits my needs, does this mean that everyone with a 6+ is afraid to admit that they really don't want a 6+?

    To top it off, we have people sitting on their phones and bending them, acting surprised. Well surprise, aluminum bends. I see more posts about people looking for issues than actually using the phone. How is that workflow going with your bigger phone? How much more usable is Evernote on the larger screen? Where are these topics?

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