What happened to my Siri?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by applephanatic, May 13, 2014.

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    So here is the situation, a few days a go, my siri stopped responding to me! It is as though Siri's voice suddenly disappeared. I can talk to her ( or him!) and she will listen and even come through with a response on the screen but she will not actually talk back.
    Now heres the kicker! If i switch the language preference from US to UK, Siri suddenly has a voice again!

    Now I know that the easiest solution would be to just restore, however, I am currently on the road and did not bring my laptop and I will not be home till the end of the week. I don't really use Siri to often but I do use the maps feature and without the speakable directions the maps to me are useless, and I cant use English (UK) for maps either.

    FWIW: it is an iPhone 5s running on 7.1.1

    So far I have tried disabling siri and turning on airplane mode, disabling and then re-enabling data. I have done countless setting resets along with network resets to no avail.

    Sorry for the long post and thanks for reading :apple:
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    Try doing a "Settings > General > Reset All Settings. You won't lose any data. Over on the Apple Support Discussion Boards some folks have had success with this simple fix.
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    Don't be phanatic. This may be the opportunity to talk to other women...:D

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