What happened to 'other' email accounts?

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    Something's up with 'other' email accounts. To set up a new email account in the mail client the default choices are: iCloud, Exchange, Google, Yahoo!, Aol., Outlook.com, and other.

    One of my accounts is a Comcast account so I'm forced to set it up in other. The other options not only are extremely limited in setup, but when you finally do set up an 'other' account the only thing you can view is the Inbox. Well there seems to be a rather major flaw even with that. Seems my Inbox only contains 'deleted' mail. This only is happening in IOS. All other ways of accessing that account are just fine.
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    Comcast uses the POP protocol to download messages to an iOS device or computer which only allows you to download the messages in the inbox on the server.

    However, you can sign up for the IMAP beta program through Comcast and sync all of your mailboxes that are on the Comcast server.


    Once you are registered you will have to re-set up your Comcast account on iOS in order to use the IMAP settings, but you will then be able to sync all your messages and mailboxes.

    Alternatively you can use the Xfinity app on iOS and Xfinity.com when you're at a desktop and you will see all the same messages and mailboxes in both places.

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