What happened to SCSI support?

Discussion in 'macOS' started by Dane D., Jan 23, 2006.

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    What happened to SCSI support? I just installed OS 10.4.3 on a G4/466 Digital Audio unit, 640MB RAM. I also installed the 10.4.4 up-date, iTunes up-date, JAVA up-date and Quicktime up-date. Installed on brand new Western Digital HD 80GB, kept original HD with OS 9.2.2. I have an Adaptec 2930 SCSI PCI card installed with an APS 8x4x24x CD-RW and Iomega 2GB JAZ drive hooked-up. Here's the problem: If I turn on the two SCSI devices, computer boots and then within seconds a dark gray screen appears and tells me to re-start. BUT if I leave the SCSI devices off, boot-up is fine. Adaptec's card is supported according to Adaptec's web site, I didn't check Iomega because I am disconnecting JAZ drive and retiring it out of service. So far the system runs fine as long as I keep the CD-RW power-off.:confused:
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    It's called an kernel panic, and it's probably a problem with the SCSI driver from Adaptec. IMO, Adaptec really, really, really, really sucks under OS X.

    More info about kernel panics on Apple's support website.
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    I concur, only use ATTO cards in OSX (any flavour) as they have tried and tested drivers for which i use in my ProTools, DVD Studio Pro and FCP machines that have Ultra160, Ultra320 or even LVD devices on with no problems.

    Hope this helps

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