What happened to swipe between pages with 2 fingers?


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Jul 12, 2010
Seems like ever since I installed Lion, I can't swipe between web pages, Finder pages, App Store or any kind of pages with two or three fingers using the Trackpad or the Magic Mouse. I used the feature a lot and for some reason Lion removes that ability.

I have the "Swipe Between Pages" option enabled, but it seems to not work.

Anyone had any luck with this?

Edit: I just re-enabled the Swipe with 3 Fingers for the Trackpad, and that seems to work, though the Magic Mouse still seems to not work when swiping


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Oct 22, 2008
2-finger swipe for safari is only with the trackpad by default. 3-finger swipe gets you moving between spaces with the trackpad. with the magic mouse, the default is 1-finger swipe. you can go into system preferences > mouse, and just beneath the label 'Swipe between pages', you should see a drop down menu, where you can change between 1-finger swipe, 2-finger swipe, or both. hope that helps!


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Jul 20, 2011
I turned the "Swipe between pages" option to "Swipe with two or three fingers".

Gives you the best of both worlds: 2 fingers back and forth in Safari -- and 3 finger back and forth in other windows like Finder, just like in Snow Leopard.

The 3 finger also works good in Safari, I just don't understand why the 3 finger swipe isn't inverted like the rest of the gestures? :confused:


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Jul 17, 2011
It's gone from Chrome. And it no longer works within iTunes. Thought I was paying for an upgrade. I guess not.


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May 14, 2011
my settings to make it just like 10.6 was set up.

tap to click
- tap with one finger

second ckick
- click bottom right corner

scroll direction :natural
- uncheck

zoom in or out
- pinch 2 fingers

smart zoom
- double tap with 2 fingers

- rotate with 2 fingers

swipe between pages
- swipe back and forth with 3 fingers

swipe between full screen apps
- swipe back and forth with 4 fingers

mission control
- swipe up with 3 fingers

app expose
- swipe down with 3 fingers

launch pad
- pinch with thumb and 3 fingers

show desktop
- spread with thumb and 3 fingers


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Jul 17, 2011
Yeah, it's mind-boggling that Apple defaults the OS to use a method that only works in 1(!!!) program and breaks it in every other that previously worked. We like to mock Windows, but this is just as stupid as anything I've ever seen in another OS.
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