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Jun 25, 2007
St. Paul, Minnesota
Anyone have the latest scoop on the return of a 12" form factor from Apple?

My fiance has just entered university and my MacBook Air is going to her soon. I've been holding out on getting another laptop as I don't really need one, but it would be cool to get a 12" laptop in a couple years!


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Jun 6, 2022
I have had the MB12 since 2016 and love it. I've been an AAPL investor since 2001 as well. It is absolutely coming back, as there is a very distinct market for it. Executives, senior leadership, people that really only use it for Web, email, MS Office type work and/or travel a lot. The MB12 weighs 2.02 lbs and you better believe its in the Apple DNA to best that! sub 2 lbs is coming! This is only possible with Apple Silicon! It will add another billion to the now quarterly 11 digit club ($10,000,000,000) we are entering for Mac hardware on a consistent basis. Mac quarterly revenue will never be a 10-digit club again, and it will truly be the fourth leg of the total Apple revenue stool. There is a definite market audience for this type of laptop and there are many people like you and me who are just simply waiting to buy it, and we won't buy an MBA because it is too big and heavy for us. My bet is that our fearless CEO is already using it for his trips. Patience my is difficult, but it is coming. If they can make the MB12 with an Intel chip, then they for sure can make it with Apple Silicon.
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