What happens in the end??

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by wesk702, Jun 10, 2008.

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    What happens at the end of the Att 5 year deal? You guys think that apple is obligated to update phones a specific amount of times in agreement with Att?

    What if they are required to update the iphone right before their contract is up and apple moves on to another company and release another phone?

    We'd be stuck at Att huh? unless we cancel and pay a fee?
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    That's thinking 4 years past Snow Leopard i.e. ~3 OS .x updates time. Anyone care to venture what iPhones will be like when OS X 10.8 will be like? :D

    We only know "multi-year". I'd imagine they actually have a strong hand in the market - For the US, UK etc they basically can strong arm AT&T and O2 into giving a decent amount for a renewal of contract/exclusivity again.

    and the kicker - for those markets that are being added, some with exclusivity? If iPhone is a success and those contracts are shorter, then Apple can do the same Auction strong arming - they'll get those carriers hooked to the profit margins from the iPhone, then Apple can basically say to them - "You likey? Stump up, otherwise we're moving to X/Y/Z, exclusively".

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