What happens to email when iCloud runs out of space?

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    Let's say, for example, you're currently on the free plan for iCloud, with 5GB space. You have a 16GB iOS device and you decide to back data from that device to iCloud.

    You max out the data on your iCloud, thus also affecting your iCloud email functionality.

    What happens at this point?

    Does all email get rejected when it is sent to your email (for example, if it backs up overnight and you don't notice it until next morning, are all email between the time the iCloud account has been maxed until the time you clear up some space gone / rejected?) or is there a certain time threshhold for email? For example, after maxing out, perhaps 24 hour before emails are rejected.
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    The email will bounce back. You will never receive it and the sender will be notified.
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    iCloud doesn't make a copy of your 16 GB device, so it won't be easy to go over. I backup 3 devices and store tons of emails on iCloud and still have about 3.5 GB remaining.

    I'd assume if it's that close, iCloud will stop backing up before stopping your email to go through.

    EDIT* Here's an article with a picture of an email from Apple. You will in fact stop getting emails if your space fills up.


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