what happens to text messages when there is no signal?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by p01ntbLanK, Jul 6, 2010.

  1. p01ntbLanK macrumors newbie

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    so with the majority of us facing this issue of bars dropping and whatnot, i had a question. what happens when i have no service/searching/0 bars and during that exact moment, someone sends me a text/picture message? will i just not receive it? will i receive it later once i regain signal? are the chances of receiving it lower? texting is what i care about the most, so the answer to this question will have a lot do with whether or not i keep the phone. also, when i am driving, i tend to put the phone between my legs near my crotch area (laugh all you want, but it's comfortable and convenient). i've noticed with the iPhone 4 that i always lose a few bars when doing that, because as soon as i pull it out, the bars go back up. a lot of times i have 0-1 bar when its under there but upon pulling out, it goes up to 4-5. so if i receive a text while its in that area, what will happen? if i receive a call, what will happen? will i not get them? will the call go straight to voicemail for the other person? thank you in advance.
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    You should receive them once you regain signal. I had an issue last week in the Denver area. My wife sent me several texts which I didn't receive until I was out of the area, and all of sudden my phone starts going crazy. I got approximately 6 messages all at the same time.
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    State of Denial
    Spot on. And I know what you mean. Denver has more AT&T holes then I care to think about.

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