What happens to the battery in two years?

Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by parseckadet, Sep 16, 2014.

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    So this is a question I haven't seen anyone in the press considering at all. Everyone seems focused on whether the watch will make it through an entire day or not, which is important. But I would argue that equally important is what happens with the battery over time? If we're just going to get a day out of this thing when it's brand new, what will the battery life be like when the thing has gone through a few hundred recharge cycles?

    My wife's iPhone 4S is three years old now, and even though she charged it over night, by the time she got to work this morning she was already down to 27%. We've all deemed this to be acceptable because everyone replaces their phone every couple of years anyway. Are we really going to have the attitude that our watches will now be pretty much useless after two years also?

    The one shining hope in all of this is that we've also pretty much accepted not being able to replace watch batteries on our own either. Every mall has that watch battery kiosk by the food court or whatever. I'm really hoping Apple has plans in the works to offer quick battery service in their stores at a reasonable price. A lot of people are going to be pretty ticked off if they learn that they have to leave their watch at the store for a week, or worse send it in, and it's going to cost them $100+.
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    I think Apple probably like the idea that when your battery is end-of-life you might consider upgrading to the Apple Watch 3.

    There will probably also be a battery replacement program but to expect a 'reasonable' price, I think, would be a little naive based on current replacement costs.

    However, I replaced my iPhone battery with an £8 one from eBay and it's worked as good as the original for six months now, so that might be an option. It may also explode on your wrist, but that's a gamble I may take. (Who am I kidding I'll buy the  Watch 3)
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    I have used my 4S for 2 years heavily, now my friend uses it and it still makes it through the day with at least 40% left and with 3G turned on all the day.
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    My 3GS is now verging on 5 years old and i recently used it for playing music in the car whilst we were travelling in France...lasted 3 or 4 days before needing charging! My 2yr old iPhone 5 is still completely fine.
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    What happens to the battery in two years?

    Be a great husband, and spend $25 on this:

    $25 gets you the battery and the tools you need. The directions are super-clear. I did this and it is easy and works great! It's easy to open an iPhone 4S, but the battery is glued in with double-sided tape which takes some time and patience to get loose. Backup the phone before you begin, just in case, and you'll have the phone working just like new.
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    i'm sure it will crap out and when it does, you will be holding a piece of junk that won't really function (which is what my iphone 5 is now).
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    You can get a replacement from Apple. It's almost certainly the same for the aWatch.
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    I'm on a perfectly functional iphone 5 running ios8 currently....if that's the case with the watch I'll be ok with it.
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    I'm also sure there will be a replacement program. More important, for the gold version. Apple can only make this succesful when they recycle the gold cases and make future models with the exact amounth of gold.

    Same story with the battery. Nobody would buy an expensive watch that lasts for five years (or ten).
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    Depends on how expensive.
    Nobody would spend 10000 on something like that but 2000-4000 is not out of question.

    It will likely be a limited release so there should be enough buyers either way.

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