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Discussion in 'macOS' started by gothiquegirrl, Apr 20, 2008.

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    Ok, not sure what form to post this in.. but I have a question? or well.. a comment?

    While i was waiting for Leopard, I bought a Vista laptop... and I have an XP desktop. I could never get them to "talk" to each other. I could never get them on a network together despite all my efforts. I kinda wrote that off as a "Vista" problem because my old iMac G3 , running tiger, could share files with my XP box just fine... It couldn't however share with Vista either.

    When Leopard came out I finally got my shiny new iMac and .. Well It couldn't share files in any sort of USEFUL way with either of my windows machines... I just accepted this. I could add files to the imac from both Windows boxes via the FTP option... and I could connect to Vista through some creativity :) .. so that was that. Of course there was NO adding files to the XP machine from the leopard mac, period.

    It's been this way for MONTHS.

    Well after doing the firmware update from Apple.... I wake up this morning... and WTF??!!?? Imagine my surprise the see that the iMac now sees and is SHARING files with BOTH the XP and the VISTA machines!!

    This makes me wonder though....I thought Firmware was the software that ran the hardware? And I thought that my networking issue was a operating system issue... I figured some setting somewhere was screwed up... and I just couldn't figure it out?

    I am new to mac, and you can probably tell ... Although I can navigate my way around a computer - I'm not a hardcore user.

    So my question is? Do you guys think this was a hardware issue? or was this just a happy coincidence?

    I know I should just be happy it's all working... but i'd like to know WHY it suddenly started because If i have issues later..I think it would help me trouble shoot.

    Oh and the XP box and the Vista box still don't "talk". Well... I mean XP sometime chats up Vista.. but Vista is a bit of a snob and turns up her nose...

    thanks - and be nice :)

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    Oct 7, 2007
    I suppose there was a bug of sorts that made Leopard not see PCs on the local network in certain types of situations, such as yours. Apple must have gotten feedback and changed the OS slightly to fix the issue.
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    Jul 24, 2007
    This happened on a pure Windows Network with my father. There is a file that you install on Windows XP that fixes this. Could it be possible that an update to XP and or Vista fixed this?

    If I remember correctly, its the way Vista was changed to authenticate users for sharing.

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