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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Trickyt405, Jan 18, 2010.

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    Jan 18, 2010
    Hello all... I am new to the forums. I don't know about everyone here. But I use the passcode lock feature on my iphone a lot. My iphone has a lot of information on it, and if it does get into the wrong hand temporarily, I like to have my passcode lock. Also in conjunction with this I use the auto-lock to lock my iphone. But I have now turned the auto-lock off and I hate it. I can't even explain how bad this drains my battery. It's a real nuscance to have to hit the top button, especially with my case. Not only that but I like the auto-lock because if I leave it somewhere it will lock and keep anyone out. I just wish it had a 10 minute auto-lock function. Is this something that jailbreaking your iphone will let you do? Thanks everyone for the help.
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    Not sure about the jailbreaking thing, but why not just set the auto-lock to 5 minutes? I wouldn't imagine having the auto-lock to 10 minutes would be that great on your battery either.
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    Auto-lock is different than require passcode.

    Auto-lock will "lock" your phone and prevent you from touching buttons, but it will not require a passcode to unlock the phone. You can set the require passcode time to be 15 minutes.

    Honestly, you have a crummy case if you can't easily press the lock button. Also, it's expected that you will drain battery if you don't lock it.
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    I'm pretty sure something like that can be setup with the corporate configuration utility.
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