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Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by Burnsey, Oct 15, 2009.

  1. Burnsey macrumors 6502a

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    It's very simple really, but Apple doesn't seem to have figured this out. Email is very important to me, I need to know ASAP when and/or if someone has sent me an email. I currently use the Touch's Mail app to monitor mail on the go.

    The problem is that the the ipod tends to go to sleep, and rather quickly at that. This means that I cannot just check email at a glance, I have to wake it up, re-connect to the network and the get mail. When you want to check in 15 minute intervals, this gets kinda annoying.

    What I want my touch to do is to NOT go to sleep, and instead have only the display go to sleep after a certain amount of time (like my MacBook), so that it maintains network connectivity and checks for email periodically itself. Then I want it to alert me to new mail by making some sort of noise (I know the current mail app does this).

    If the iPod goes to sleep, I would want it to wake up when/if it receives new mail, and make noise to tell me.

    Is there anyway I can get this to work?
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    If you prevent the touch from going to sleep the battery will drain much more quickly. The interval for sleep is adjustable IIRC. However, wi-fi takes power, and you'd probably have to keep it constantly plugged in to power.
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    Mine makes a noise when it's "asleep" when i get mail. It's funny because i hear it (it's quiet though), then my computer make the louder version of the same sound, then my phone gets an sms of it.

    I went to the SMS forward (just a plain forward - phone#@vtext.com, for verizon) because when i'm out and about with no access, i need to know if there is something needing attention.

    I gmail makes it make the same (quiet) noise, because that doesn't go to my phone.

    I have mail set to Push, but it doesn't push a notice - just increments the badge number.

    ANyway, i solved your issue for myself with the SMS.... which probably isn't what you need, but if i needed constant email access like you did, i'd have to ponder some sort of always on thing on my phone.

    I'll be interested in learning more though - i know there are some other mail clients, have you searched in the App Store forum to see what you can find?
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    If you want email on the go, and do not want to get a redundant device, I would recommend a Blackberry! That is how I do now.

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