What iCloud means for iWork.com

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    Sorry if this topic already has a thread, but I searched and couldn't find anything, so here it goes:
    I've been an iWork.com beta user for a number of years now, and I think it works well for what it's supposed to do, but now that iCloud has come along, I've been curious to see what will happen to iWork.com. I figured that iCloud would simply become the non-beta version of iWork.com, but apple hasn't said anything about getting rid of iWork.com, and more importantly, iCloud feels more like beta software than iWork.com. There is no way of viewing documents in the web version of iCloud, and there is no way to play slideshows either, which is one of the best features of iWork.com. Eventually, these features of iWork.com should make their way to iCloud, but it seems odd that they wouldn't be able to put a feature they've had awhile on iWork.com into iCloud right from the start.
    And, on a different topic, why haven't the mac versions of iWork gotten ANY iCloud support????
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    This topic is being discussed elsewhere in this forum.

    Second, i also believe that apple must revamp all their iWork suit to make them work as one: iWork for iOS, iWork for Mac, iCloud for documents, and iWork.com should be a single tool. However, the reason why the Mac Based iWork is not yet compatible with iCloud is that it has more tools than what iOS devices can handle. So, a document made on a Mac needs to be converted (with loss of some formatting) to be iOS compatible. It seems that Apple has to release a new version of iWork where they let you choose whether to start a document compatible with iOS (and upload it to iCloud) or as Mac only. Based on the type of document you choose iWork would either display only tools compatible with iOS or the full range of tools supported by Macs.

    I hope they work on it soon!

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