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Dec 6, 2022
I used to be an all in Spaces guy with applications carefully arranged over perhaps 6-7 Spaces. It worked quite well (apart from some apps, like MS Teams, not playing nice with Alt-Tab) so when Ventura came along with Stage Manager, I was sceptic. But eventually I gave it a try and I haven’t looked back. But one missing feature, that think would make it close to perfect, is having select windows pinned, i.e. always on-screen independent of active window groups. I often find myself dragging a Finder window, an Excel document or a Terminal from group to group in order to follow a workflow.

Anyone else missing this feature?


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Feb 19, 2023
Yeah I wanted this feature too. But slightly different. Rather than having a pinned window that appears with all other windows, what I want is a "floater", a window that will appear over the active window if you select it from the dock. I.e. the window behaves as if state manager is disabled

Or alternatively, if you option click the app on the dock, you override the normal state manager behavior. Either way, this gives you a quick way to drag and drop between windows

I made a feedback and requested this feature. It probably went into /dev/null

There are lots of obvious refinements they can make to stage manager. But I hear nothing about stage manager wrt Sonoma, so maybe this is just another thing they half ass then forget about.
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