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    Hey Folks,

    So I am wondering what people think would have happened if the Apple Interactive Television had been a success and in every home like the Motorola boxes. Pretending that the cable and content industry adopted it in the mid 90's and it became the standard putting Apple as the leader. What do you think would have happened to Apple and the entertainment industry? Would Apple have needed Steve Jobs? Would the technology landscape be different today, considering interactive television never made it? I am looking for some perspectives for a project.

    Here is my article on the history of the product if you need a refresher.

    Thank you!
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    I got as far as seeing the word "Quicktime" in the article, then I threw up in my mouth a little.

    Quicktime is dead, and not nearly soon enough.
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    Your making that sound like Apple wanted Steve Job and in"just another employee" and "not a CEO"

    It should be the other way round.... Apple couldn't function without Steve....

    But if Steve came up with the Apple Interactive Television, it would probably be ahead of its time.. I don't think anyone back then, even Foxtel in Australia, would have had interactive stuff we do today.. So, it probably would have been different. For one, there would be no issues now about between network for content, because Apple would be already on-board then.

    Apple would lead the way not only in smart phones, but in televisions too.. That *would* be something, considering u have a bottleeck of manufactures, various model with 1000 features to choose from.
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    Suppose Apple all of a sudden had a set top box in every home in 1995/1996. Does that change Apple's situation in the 90's and beyond? Does that change the trajectory of Apple prior to Steve Job's return enough to change that all together?

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