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Mar 21, 2011
If you have an ipad, are you finding any games fit the iPhone screen well? Things like nimble quest? I think that's perfect for the iPhone screen.

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May 25, 2012
Turn-based rpgs usually work pretty well since theres not much action/movement needed.

There are games that use a small screen to their advantage (create a challenge by displaying limited screen) I think Tiny Wings does a great job of this. You need quick reactions to make adjustments and what not.

I really suggest developing/designing an app for iphone and then attempting to port it to ipad.

I take it a step further and design all my apps for iphone 3.5 inch screen and then scale up otherwise its just too hard to move down.


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Aug 30, 2009
Temple Run I think is better on the small screen, as it's easier to hold and swipe and tilt all at the same time. It gets a bit of a handful on the iPad.

+1 for Tiny Wings.
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