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Aug 29, 2018
I am looking for an iPhone, and one of the most important priorities is that it be jailbroken or jailbreakable.

Of course, I understand that there are differences between hardware models and iOS versions that are preferable for other reasons, but what should I be looking for if untethered jailbreaking is mandatory? Maybe it would be better to ask what I should *avoid*.

Ease and convenience of the jailbreaking process itself isn't a big issue, I want the best end result.

I have been reading about it a bit, but there doesn't seem to be immediately obvious answer to a complete newbie like me. It looks like there are different options for some iOS, but after a certain iOS version, wide open untethered full Cydia jailbreaks come with increasing compromises in convenience. Wiki has a nice little history of jailbreaks, sort of a brand neutral changelog, but it left me unclear. Would anyone mind nudging me in the right direction?


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Apr 21, 2012
IMHO, an iPhone 4S with IOS 6.1.3 would be an ideal starter jailbreak phone/OS combination.

You can find them pretty cheap on eBay.
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Aug 31, 2011
I had PanGu for IOS 9 on my 6S+ and it was the most stable I have had and it was untethered. Anything after IOS 9 jailbreak is tethered now
I have the same (notice I said have).

Going on three years with the 9.0.2 jailbreak on my 6s+. :)
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Jul 2, 2010
I still have my iPhone 6 iOS 9.0.2 PanGu but it's now my gym music player.

I currently have an iPhone X iOS 11.3.1 jailbreak with Coolstar Electra Semi-tethered. Very much stable and I love it. If I want to use my bank apps for transactions both personal and business, I just reboot my iPhone to disable jailbreak. After my transactions, I just enable Airplane mode and rejailbreak it again which doesn't take up to 2 minutes.

I prefer the semi-tethered to untethered because of the flexibility using it
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