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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by boombox15, Sep 18, 2018.

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    I am eligible for an upgrade on October 26 of this year on Verizon. I upgrade my phone every 2 years. My current phone is an iPhone 7 Plus 128GB. I love it, it's a great phone, but it is starting to feel just a little bit slow, and the design is starting to look dated so I will use my upgrade this year. However, I am having a very hard time deciding which phone to upgrade to.

    The phone that seems like it is the best bet for me is the iPhone XR, but I am seriously concerned about the display on that phone. The PPI is lower than the 7 plus and the resolution is also lower. The display is what makes it hard for me to decide whether or not to get the iPhone XR. I love the red color on the iPhone XR.

    The other options I am thinking about our the iPhone 8 Plus. I know it's similar to the iPhone 7 Plus but has a great screen and has much faster performance compared to the iPhone 7 Plus. Another option I have is the iPhone X. This would get me the new design and a great screen at a reasonable price. I also am thinking about the iPhone Xs, but the reviews on that seem to be mixed. The iPhone Xs Max is just way too expensive and I can't justify spending that amount of money on a phone.

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    At this point remove the 8 plus from the list. While it is an upgrade to the 7 plus it’s minor, I have had both. XS Max you removed. Down to the X, XS, and XR. I personally would not feel bad owning a XR and don’t feel the display will look much different than the 7/8 plus models except maybe in a very few circumstances. A bit smaller, the XS would be the next choice. Past that a used or on sale X. Personally I went with the Max but debated before I did. I was ready to go XR and at the last minute just said whatever, I will see how the Max is but I don’t like the price. I can pay it without pain but it took a bit to say yes. I have a feeling the XR and Watch 4 for the same money would have been the better choice.
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    Exactly where I’m at. I have an iPhone 7 Plus and want to upgrade. The XR is priced nicely but I am not interested due to the lower quality screen and no 4x4 MIMO. The 8 Plus really isn’t much different. So I’m just going to keep my 7 Plus and see what Apple offers next year.
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    I am pretty content with my 7+ currently, now that iOS12 gave it a new life and it runs buttery smooth. I demo'd a Xs-Max at the Apple store not too long ago and to me personally, it isn't a must buy upgrade that I needed to have it. I compared both my 7+ and the Xs-Max in terms of video quality in movies and Youtube and the Xs-Max was slightly better because of the OLED. The 7+ was good enough in my eyes. I can say the same for camera quality as well. Xs-Max was only slightly better while my 7+ was still up there in picture quality. In my current situation, I am going to wait and see what the Galaxy S10 has to offer next year and maybe get that if I think it's worth it or wait it out until next year September for the next iPhone. I will be living in a different country soon for a year, so that will also give me a lot of time to justify my next phone purchase.
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    if you have already updated to iOS12, wait for the XR to be release before writing off that display. If you haven't update your OS, update it and reassess if you still need an upgrade.
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    The 7+ slow? Have a look at some YT videos comparing the 7 and 7+ with the Xs. You'll be surprised.

    I can imagine that you want something new, but you being this hesitant, I'd save my money and give the 7+ another year. Spending hundreds of dollars won't gain you that much.
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    Get an X or XR if anything. Don’t get an 8+
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    I am waiting on the XR for me and the Mrs. Currently have the 5S so anything would be a substantial upgrade for us.

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