What is a good font to pair with Goudy Old Style?

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by jawzzy, Jan 5, 2009.

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    Hey all, I'm designing a business card just for fun and would like to know what you guys think for a nice san serif font that would pair well with Goudy Old Style.

    Or, if anyone has recommendations for a sophisticated serif font that I could use instead of Goudy Old Style and a san serif that complements it well, that would also be great.

    I'm just getting into amateur typography but still don't really have a grasp on the lay or the land. Good font resources for furthering my education are also appreciated!
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    Font pairing is always a difficult question for someone to answer — especially without actually seeing your designs.

    My advice is simply to play around with different fonts. Make sure whichever one you use is legible at small sizes (7-12pt). Try it in all caps. Try it lowercase. Try a condensed font. And an extended one. (Don't condense and extend fonts manually! Bad! Bad! Bad!)

    And don't limit yourself to a sans-serif. There are other weights of Goudy Old Style (and many other serifs) that may work for you in a small size.

    Finally, do some exercises. Play around with different font pairings. Try contrasting sizes and weights. You may find two fonts that work well together that no one has thought of before. For that matter, you may find a way to make two fonts that normally don't work well together actually work.

    Don't limit yourself. Play around some more. And you'll find what you're looking for.

    Feel free to post what you come up with. (We're generally nice, but honest with our critiques.)

    If you need some typeface inspiration, I'll recommend I Love Typography and Typophile.

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