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    Dec 29, 2004

    I just recently bought a powerbook and I do not know exactly what they are called but i was looking for that switch hub so I can hook up my tower and powerbook to one screen. I would have done a search but I do not know what it is called. Any recomendations? Thanks
  2. Xiabelle macrumors newbie

    May 17, 2005
    You're looking for a KVM switch.

    I use an Iogear Extreme (pricey, at 130 at Fry's) but it's a USB model, with audio switching, and it comes with the cables.

    IMO, your best bet with one is to get one like that. Audio is not /necessary/, but it's certainly nice especially if you have a nice set of speakers you'd like to use. Definitely get one that has buttons to switch input destinations, rather than just hotkeys, since they don't always work right.

    I use mine to switch between a Mini and my PC and it works like a champ, even with my MS wireless keyboard/mouse combo.
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    Dec 29, 2004

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