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Jul 2, 2009
Googling "Jailbreak 9.3", for example, or jailbreak anything, leads to a huge number of fake websites, scams, and malware-infested tools. Any reputable sites are drowned out in the noise. So what are some sites that I can check on a recurring basis for reliable info on whether certain devices on certain OS's can be jailbroken?

I'm trying to find out whether an iPhone 6 on iOS 9.3 can be jailbroken. My results page on Google is entirely made up of fake sites.

Tig Bitties

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Sep 6, 2012
I'm set to get an iPhone, coming from years of Nexus phones and Samsung ROM'd phones, but I won't without a current Jailbreak. What happened ?

I recall earlier this year, seemed every site out there was saying the next JB would drop shortly after the big 9.3 official release. Well that came and went and still no public Jailbreak release.


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Nov 15, 2011
New Jersey
searching 9.3.1 jailbreak and a lil bit of common sense is all you need. maybe it's just me since i'm not gullible but the fake jailbreak sites are pretty obvious to pick out.
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