What is an SDK?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Crager724, Feb 9, 2008.

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    So I know that the Software Development Kit or SDK will allow 3rd party applications for the iPhone. But I am not a software developer, so I am wondering what does a SDK do, and what is in the "kit"?

    I'm guessing that a person/company writes a program and then uses the SDK to convert it into an iPhone application?

    Just thought I would ask while we wait patiently for late February.
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    i dont understand that broccoli thing? wanna explain? :D
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    The SDK is like a guide for people who write software to know how to write software for the iPhone. It gives them the guidelines on how to integrate with the iPhone system, mostly--system libraries, memory usage, interface requirements, etc, etc.
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    What AGSHender said. To add more:

    An SDK can be very simple, or very fancy. At the least, it usually includes:

    1) A compiler. This is the program that takes the programmer's source code (human readable language such as C, Java, BASIC, etc) and turns it into the binary code that runs on the target device.

    2) Libraries. Consists of pre-programmed code, such as calls into the operating system to get/set information, draw on the screen, do string manipulations, math, and so on. A programmer makes much use of these, and the compiler puts the referenced code into the target binary.

    3) Documentation. Of the libraries mostly.

    4) Example code. The best way to learn is by example.

    A fancier SDK includes an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) which has features such as visual form editing, fancy programming aids, debugging tools, etc. Too much to list.

    Usually SDKs include a simulator as well, so you can quickly test your code.
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    Ahh, I see. Thanks for the info.

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