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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by kanit, Jul 29, 2011.

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    Jul 29, 2011
    What is Apple Pro Care, A friend tells me it is better than Apple Care but i could not find it on Apples website. Does anything like it exist?? How much does it cost and what are its benefits over Apple Care??
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    Jul 17, 2011
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    Pro Care no longer exists. It was a service offered coupled with your Apple Care to provided enhanced access to services offered by the Genius Bar. JointVenture is now what exists in it's place, however, it is more geared toward businesses.

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    May 11, 2009
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    Mar 24, 2011
    Maybe he meant "one to one", which is $99 extra.

    One to One

    Get the most out of your new Mac with a One to One membership at an Apple Retail Store. We’ll get you set up, teach you all the basics, and help you with personal projects. One to One is available only at the time of purchase when you buy a new Mac from the Apple Online Store or an Apple Retail Store.

    Important: You will attend all your sessions at an Apple Retail Store, so make sure there's a store near you. Search for Apple Retail Stores in your area.

    Get set up. Get trained. Get going.

    For $99 per year, here’s what’s included with your One to One membership:
    Personal Setup

    When you buy your Mac, just drop off your old computer — Mac or PC — and we’ll transfer your files, install any new Apple software you’ve purchased, and put it all in the right places.
    Personal Training

    Reserve uninterrupted hour-long sessions with a Trainer on a variety of topics. Join small group workshops with other One to One members who share your interests. Or learn at home using your personal One to One web page, which lets you access tutorials, schedule appointments, and explore projects created by other members.
    Personal Projects

    If you need a larger block of time with a Trainer to work on a personal project, sign up online and then drop by an Apple Retail Store anytime during a two-hour time slot. Our Trainers will be available to answer questions and help keep your project moving forward.

    Every One to One session is hosted by one of our Trainers — experts in all things Apple. They have a comprehensive knowledge of everything a Mac can do, and they’ll be there with you from day one to provide insight and inspiration.
    Learn more about One to One
    Read terms and conditions

    How to get One to One.

    One to One is available only at the time of purchase when you buy a new Mac from the Apple Online Store or an Apple Retail Store.
    1. Find an Apple Retail Store.

    Make sure there’s a nearby Apple Retail Store where you can attend sessions. See the complete store list
    2. Add One to One.

    Select One to One along with any other configuration options, then complete your purchase.
    3. Activate your membership.

    After you complete your order, you'll receive an email from Apple explaining how to get started.
    Learn more

    1-year One to One membership [Add $99.00]

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