What is Apple's core focus?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by WhySoSerious, Feb 25, 2010.

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    I'm curious, with the upcoming release of the iPad and how Apple states it's their most revolutionary and technologically advanced piece of equipment they've ever worked on....how do you think Apple prioritizes their products in terms of what they consider their most important product down to their least important product.

    This is how I see Apple focusing their time and energy:

    1. iPhone
    2. iPad
    3. MacBook Pro
    4. iMac
    5. everything else (apple tv, macbook air, mac mini, software, etc)

    I really see the iPhone being the primary focus now and years, years, years into the future.....followed by close second with the iPad.

    My reason for thinking this is Apple has found a gold mine in the virutal shopping cart market and even though almost everyone owns a computer (mac or pc), people that own computers don't always tap into the app stores Apple developed, thus they don't give Apple money.

    agree/disagree? :confused:
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    I agree with you, and I think you throw iPod Touch up there at number 1 also. I think the App store is what generates the highest revenue for Apple, so why not focus all your time/effort into it?
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    Eh - iTunes (and the app store) have never been significant money makers for Apple. It exists primarily to drive sales of their portable devices.

    Apple sells more iPods than computers, but they have a higher profit margin on computers, and therefore make more money off of them.

    Like any publicly-traded business, Apple's focus is going to be whatever they project will make them the most money. Since they have finite resources, it will vary a little from year to year.
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    It depends...as we all know. Apple brings in their money from software.. And because of their excellent software it brings in money from hardware.. Example.. Because of the iTunes envirnoment people will buy iPods.. Because of the iPhone os people will buy iPhone, touches, and ipads...

    So I don't think they priortize really on one specific device but more of the software they can use between multiple devices..

    But if I had to go with specific devices.. I would say The Current priority for apple is the ipad... That's what they have been working heavily on over the past months..

    I would go with

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