What is DFU mode?

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    I sold my old 3G Iphone on eBay a couple of weeks ago. The buyer has sent me a message saying this:
    "hiiii i have prchase from you IPHONE 3G 8GB and just yesterday i receaved it from DHL but i realise when i switch on it appear on DFU mode....
    can i know the resons and why u didnt put the softwere??"

    Before I sent the phone I erased all my content off the phone. When you turn the phone on, it is asking for the connect to iTunes.

    My question is, what is DFU mode?
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    *Taken from osxdaily.com

    If your iPhone was jailbroken before you hit reset all settings, generally that is what happens. The best option to get your data off would of been a fresh restore.

    Just tell the buyer he/she has to connect to iTunes and restore. It would be good as new.

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