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macrumors Penryn
Original poster
Nov 14, 2011
Watched the WWDC keynote again. Next to nothing on tvOS, same with iCloud (especially on the family side). Nothing on Apple Music besides another Ping attempt. No news on what is happening is happening with the dumpster fire known as iTunes. Minor updates to Maps. Siri wasn't emphasized much at all. Why announce a new speaker that won't ship for 6 months when there is no 3rd party developer support for it and it's Siri functionality is limited? I would love to know what he's doing besides releasing silly reality tv shows no one wants.


Feb 11, 2008
Pretending to be important and attending a lot of free lunches. Every organisation has deadwood "yes" execs, problem is the Cue could hide when Steve run the ship going along with the master plan, now when he is expected to contribute ....a "yes" person like him is shown up as deadwood , though cook keeps him around cause he has harmony in his execs.

I give you at least kudos , being such a big fan, to start questioning, what this deadwood does and how the products around him are being neglected .
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