What is going on with my battery?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by outsidethebox, Feb 9, 2012.

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    I'm going to state right off the bat that it seems like my iPhone 4S's battery must be some kind of dud. I've had it for more than a month now, and it has continually been a huge disappointment despite me pouring over hundreds of articles to find "solutions", and turning off every imaginable option, reducing brightness, changing email accounts and push, but nothing to any avail.

    Last night, I turned on Airplane mode and when I woke up 7 hours later it had gone from 100% to 85%. 15% without any sending/receiving functions?? What on Earth is going on?

    For insight:

    WiFi: On (wouldn't have mattered, as Airplane mode)
    3g: Off
    Loc. Services: Absolutely everything off
    Siri: Off
    Gmail: No exchange; set to manual
    iCloud: Off
    Facetime: Off
    Brightness: 50%, 1 min (wasn't a factor given no waking from notifications)
    - I have become paranoid about closing all applications after use as well.
    - I enabled Restrictions, to block a lot of the excess apps and functions
    - I have tried reseting everything (not from a backup).
    - I have 'calibrated' the battery properly many times.

    As you can see, I am running a barebones phone here, and I feel like I am the one catering to this stupid device rather than the other way around.

    Where is this ridiculous battery sapping coming from? The whole reason I tried the airplane test was because I was sure it must be something to do with Receiving functions -- now I'm convinced that my Phone must be a dud, as none of my friends with a 4S have the same problem (somedays I have to charge it twice a day, and I use the phone lightly -- only 2-3 e-mails per day, some twitter and facebook, and 30 min of safari; no games, or any intensive apps whatsoever).

    I would prefer to get advice or help from someone before resorting to other measures, but I'm no longer optimistic at this point. Moreover, I have now since relocated from Canada to a Italy and I don't even think I would have the option to get it exchanged for a new one at an Apple Store here given that Italy typically has uniquely frustrating laws regarding returning and exchanging things.
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    Just came across another problem now. My 4S has decided it wants to shut down at 12% battery instead of 0. Fantastic. Either that, or the battery reading is broken (which people say to fix through calibration, yet I have tried that many times already).

    Will try and call Apple Canada to see what my options are.

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