iPhone What is happening? iOS 13 DB 2, Cant install

Lowe Lilliehorn

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Apr 30, 2015

Yesterday I tried to install iOS 13 DB 2. You might ask me, why didn't you install beta 1?
Well, I didn't want to install an early beta on my main device.

Now, when BETA 2 has been released, I thought, why not give it a chance.

I downloaded my Profile from Apple, got my "software update" notification, telling me to install iOS 13, you know, the old good stuff.
Then... Something happened. Like never before.

I pressed install and the "Verifying Update" sign came up.. Surprisingly long tho... I waited. 2 mins. 4 mins. Now, I understood that something was off.

I deleted the update, AND the profile, and tried again. With the exact failure.

What is the problem?
Why can't I update from iOS 12 to iOS 13 BETA 2?

Any help is awesome,


Lowe Lilliehorn


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Jul 30, 2003
How long did you wait? Give it an hour to start the update. Any firmware and the system install might take another 30 minutes --- so allowing for about 90 minutes total should be enough.
If that doesn't happen, then you have my permission to wait for the next beta (It's still an early beta :cool: )