What is holding you back?

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    Have you given in to mediocrity in some or all areas of your life? Have you allowed yourself to become cynical? Have you found yourself coming up with fresh excuses for not going outside your daily comfort zone? Have you relegated yourself to sitting on the proverbial sidelines of life, content to watch others achieve what you (at one time) had dreamed of?

    The only thing holding you back from achieving your very best is a lack of determination (read: an inner call to action).

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    What is holding me back? Well, I'm on a slow train to reach my desired end point in life. I move with caution, but I wouldn't say that something is holding me back. If I wanted to move faster, I could surrender some of the time I spend every day reading books, and pick up a second job to get to pay off my debts faster, and then I can retire sooner, and then I can just get lazy and die sooner.

    Nothing's holding me back, I'm enjoying the pace that I'm going at. I enjoy every day of my life.

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