what is ITMS cover art resolution?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by pna, Apr 22, 2008.

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    May 27, 2005
    Hi all,

    I'm going back and re-ripping my cd collection for what I hope to be the last time -- to Apple lossless. My plan was to embed the album art in each apple lossless track, so that I didn't have to ever worry again about iTunes not being able to find the proper album artwork -- it would just use what's in the file automatically.

    Now I'm starting to wonder if some of the artwork I'm embedding in the files is lower than that of what iTunes would pull from Apple's servers. I haven't gone lower than 300x300, but would rather have 500x500 or higher. Does anyone know what resolution the cover art is that you get from within iTunes?

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    Often (but not always) the stuff you'll get from iTunes will be higher quality than you'll find elsewhere, as long as it gives it to you. I tend to have trouble getting it to give me artwork for soundtracks and the like.

    However, it's easy to embed artwork you get from iTunes into your tracks. In fact, I have an AppleScript that'll do it en masse, but it's at home (and I'm at work at the moment). If someone else hasn't posted something similar by the time I get home, I'll be happy to put it up here.
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    May 27, 2005
    This has been my experience as well -- that it's tough to get iTunes to give you certain covers, even when it's available through the store. I'm just planning to let it find what it can, then fill in the rest from amazon or some such. I would *absolutely* love the applescript to embed the artwork from the iTunes store en masse -- that would be incredibly useful. Thanks!
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    600X600 is typically the iTunes resolution, but they don't standardize it. Some can be lower and some have unique sizings like 600X580. It just depends.

    I tend to standardize everything to the 600X600 resolution, even if it means trimming things up.
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    I mostly use 600x600 res artwork if I can find it, but in some cases I use 500x500 if that is all I have. It still looks good on my Apple TV and with CoverSutra and Coverflow. I never use Coverflow full screen to browse art.
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    embed artwork script

    Interesting -- I pulled the embed artwork applescript off of Doug's iTunes scripts, which I presume is what a previous poster was referring to. It seems to work, but only partially. For each album, it embeds the artwork in most, but not all of the tracks, and I can't find any rhyme or reason to the ones that it skips. Sometimes it skips track 6, sometimes 2 and 7, etc.

    Anyone used this script with total success, or know of another one that might work better? This maybe would be better served as a new thread, but hopefully people will see this one as well.

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