What is needed in order to verify my iPhone-app?

Discussion in 'iOS Programming' started by Nicsoft, Jan 8, 2010.

  1. Nicsoft macrumors member

    Oct 17, 2009

    I have finished my first iPhone-app. More or less at least, now I want to make sure the application works on iPod Touch and older versions of the iPhone OS.

    I have been searching a lot, but I do find surprisingly poor information about this topic. Of course, I do understand that I can test older version (back to OS 3.0) using the simulator, but how about the rest? Here are my questions:

    1. How do I verify my iPhone-app on iPod Touch? Do I need to buy an iPod Touch or should it be sufficient testing it for iPhone?

    2. How do I verify my app on older OS? Is it enough using the simulator or is it needed to install other OS on my device? The problem here is that I cannot test OS < 3.0 in my simulator, it's not present in the drop-down list...

    3. If I have to install older OS on the device, where do I find it? I guess I have to download it from somewhere so I can open it when chosing "Other Version" in xCode organizer, but haven't found it when searching around.

    4. If I do need to install older OS on my iPhone, how do I know if OS < 3.0 works on my iPhone device? (I am not having 3Gs...).

    I am not looking for the best way of doing this, I am looking for a sufficient way of reaching a good quality in my app. If possible, I would like not to be spending money on a lot of devices.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. iLoveDeveloping macrumors 6502

    Sep 24, 2009
    Well done on the first App! The hardest bit is over.... haha :)

    Ok first, iPhone and iPod Touch use the same OS so, if it works on iPhone it will work perfectly on iPod Touch assuming you dont use any kind of phone or compass technology. Total waste of money to buy a touch just to test on it if you have an iPhone!

    The simulator should be fine for testing the App! My apps are for 2.2.1+ and i test on my iPhone 3.* and it works perfect and i use the simulator for the rest! (i also have an iPod Touch and it work perfect on that to..) Never got a complaint yet about the apps not working on lower versions! so i wouldn't worry about it.. I think your thinking to much about all this. :)

    If your App works fine on your iPhone and in the Simulator there is pretty much a 99% chance it works perfect on other devices.. Just relax and submit the App, if anything comes up, its as simple as updating it!

  3. firewood macrumors 604

    Jul 29, 2003
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    If your iPhone is a 3GS, then you will need to buy a used 1st gen iPod Touch for testing. The Simulator and the 3GS are much too fast for you to see how your app will perform for 10's of millions of potential customers with slower devices.

    If you want the largest possible customer base for your app, an old iPod Touch will also allow you to keep testing with past and current OS versions (25% to 50% of iPod Touch owners don't upgrade), even after you update your iPhone to OS 3.2, 4.0, or whatever's next. You can always downgrade and upgrade the OS on an iPod Touch for regression testing, which is not officially supported with an iPhone.

    And if you are doing paid apps, the price of an iPod Touch for app development and testing is probably a deductible business expense.

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